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just for paranoid purposes! aplethora is not an exclusive club. just add me and i'll add you back. be warned: i like a bit of capslock, fangirling, green day, supernatural, harry potter, conor oberst, I PUSH MUSIC ONTO PEOPLE, and i flail at anything pretty. ANYTHING. my journal's a pretty even mix of fandom and real life. i am also quite into fanfiction, if that squicks you, you might want to back away slowly. very slooooowly.
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supernatural [team free will]

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i have life updates, which i have written in convenient bullet-point form! and also jared padalecki!
  • i don't think i've said much about my spring semester since it started. here is a summary: it went well. i got the grades that i wanted with as minimal work as possible and i managed to raise my GPA a couple of points again. it is all very exciting, especially since (1) apparently my grades determine my entire self-worth, (2) my GPA really, really needed the  boost after my sophmore year slump of, like, not leaving my house or writing any of my essays because the world is dark and scary, and (3) jared padalecki is around still looking like this and being a daddy, which honestly it's a marvel anyone gets anything done, let alone studying and writing. 
  • as you've all perhaps gathered from my last few entries, i was unhappy with my living situation so i've moved into an apartment with another friend, someone whose lj name is too long for me to properly remember. i think it's been going well so far. the supernatural poster i bought at chicon is getting good use above the television in the living room and i have yet to fight an urge to strangle my roommate in her sleep. in fact, she's been generous and welcoming and i'm thankful to have someone whose not going to leave her dishes on the sink for weeks at a time. also: we have three separates copies of supernatural seasons between us, which i have determined is the right amount of winchester.
  • but our neighbors cook gross food every night and make the apartment smell like garlic.
  • i'm a senior this year! last year (or year and a half, we'll see) until i am released into the job market, aka starbucks!
  • all of my friends but two graduated my school in the spring. one of my closest will be up here for the summer, but is student teaching in her hometown in the fall semester and then graduating. the other has always been more of a drinking buddy, and the person who's probably my best friend transferred to a school six hours away in kentucky. i've never had a giant group of friends, but i've always had a few reliable close ones and without them, and the hours between us, i'm going to have a problem adjusting. prepare for whining and dramatics.
  • however, the classes i'm taking spring semester are almost amazing enough to make up for my woe:
    • HIST 409: Progressivism and Imperialism: The United States, 1878-1918
    • HIST 482: Cultural History of the Celtic Peoples from Prehistory to the Present 
    • ENG 490: Literature and Gender: “Comb Your Hair, Fix Your Makeup”: Cosmetics, Costume, and Gender Performance"
    • WGS 410: Women and Gender in Comics
    • WGS 310: History of United States Feminisms
  • i'm also in a non-western civ class i'm not as excited about that. so. 
  • i don't understand avengers, guys. i want to play with the rest of you but every time i try, well. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and needs more winchesters. 
  • the end
supernatural [team free will]

(no subject)

livejournal! i'm don't remember what my last entry was -- i am sure it was long and mopey -- so let's have some happiness for once:

i got to spend a very awesome week with the lovely crackedeggie i feel as though i owe her a billion apologies for making her fly all the way to bum-fuck indiana just to hang out with me (guys, it's winter so she didn't even get to witness our long-fabled corn fields), but i'm 99% sure my presence was worth it considering a). kanye west good times, b). chicago and c). she got to hear my skilled yelling/complaining/WHY WON'T EVERYONE VACATE THE PLANET-ing.

ANYWAY SO we went to chicago for a couple of days and it was great. we stayed at this chic (i feel vaguely like an asshole using this word but i can't think of another. modern? contemporary? bagel-y?) hostel in the lincoln park area. very vibrant with great service, and the neighborhood was cute. due to a shortage of cash (and time) we didn't get to see a lot of the museums (i reaaaaaally wanted to see the science and industry museum) (i don't think this paragraph has enough parenthesis), but we did make it around to the history museum and a very nice and large metallic bean which reflected the chicago skyline. there was also a lot of aimless wandering, state street is a MYTH, delicious caramel popcorn, and the best fuckin' cupcakes to walk the planet. all very nice! also: i got this cardboard cut-out trivia book with all the presidents heads and short summaries of their achievements. i don't wanna brag, but it's a sweet deal.

the down side is that i perhaps maybe just a smidge miss seeing her face everyday. agnieszka (and no, i did not use facebook so you gotta forgive me if i've spelled it wrong), we gotta do it again sometime. in new york. NEW YORK. 

as for my post-crackedeggie life, i don't know. i was kinda down and i'm still confused on graduate school shit, and then it was SIXTY DEGREES HERE and i couldn't bear to be unhappy, and now i'm just kinda relieved it's spring break next week. speaking of spring break, oh my god, i am so excited. i thought i'd be really happy with classes this semester, but everything's been kinda boring so far. my sociology of women class is child's play (i feel really arrogant saying this but it's a 300-level class and we've just covered gender roles and symbollic annihilation. come on), and early world history class is memorization, and my psych of sexuality class is barely worth going to. i don't even KNOW what my women in antiquity class is. i'm just feeling bored this semester. on the bright side, i'm loving my history of modern european women class! my professor's great and the material is interesting. it's still a bit of an easy class, especially considering it's a 400-level, but the essays we have to write take a good amount of insight and research to complete so it gets fun.

UGH ALSO COMPLAINING TIME: i found out two of my roommates are moving out. we don't have any replacements lined up and it's a four-room house. if i had my way i'd be moving out with everyone. the roommate i'm left with is also the roommate whom i fantasize about killing on a regular basis since she's a bit of a sanctimonious asshole. plus, i'm way to far from campus for someone who doesn't have a car and considering none of my friends need a place to stay, i'll be living with people i don't know and probably have nothing in common with, as my roommate only hangs out with a christian crowd on campus it is very, very hard for me to relate to. i don't know, man, it's a mess.

anyone want a roommate next year?
supernatural [team free will]

another kid discovers unknown scars from their chilhood, news @ 11

i'm a little embarrassed about it, but this cracked article made me cry because i related so closely with it. i don't like to talk about it often, but i grew up in a pretty poor household. all of my friends come from well-off middle class families, so it's hard to make them understand what my family's situation was like, and often feel as though i don't have a right to complain. i've always had a roof over my head and food on the table, even when it was peanut butter and jelly for a week or skipping couches while my mom looks for our next apartment: it was still food and shelter.

and i think a part of me is was -- and still is -- just embarrassed about the way i grew up to the point where i feel like i need to hide it from people. my mom only spoke of it in hushed tones, and i gotta admit there's a certain and deeply-embedded shame that comes with leap-frogging cockroaches to get to your bed at night. 

but this article, man. it's addressing the small details of every day life i didn't know other people shared. this guy gets it. he understands that a shortage of cash means you can't buy in bulk, no matter how many people tell you it's cheaper in the long run. that extra $5 that comes with the 24 pack of toilet paper isn't just $5, that's the difference between the electricity being on and off. there is no such thing as fresh vegetables, there are hamburger helpers and canned green beans. there was back to school shopping, there were no medicine cabinets, there were no doctors visits when i was sick. there was a worn-down mother, constant worry, and the ever-present knowledge that you are different and that if you talk about it with other kids mom gets a funny look on her face.

i think what particularly struck me was the focus on bad habits. with my financial aid money and my job, i live a fairly comfortable life. i always have pocket money and i often put some away in a savings account. despite this, many of the old money-saving necessary to my childhood are still with me. i don't buy long sleeves shirts because they can't be worn in the summertime and i hoard all of my old clothes just in case i'll need them one day. i only buy new pants when my current pair wear down, and i haven't bought new glasses since 8th grade because the ones i have yet to disintegrate on my face (though they're only hanging on by the will of god by this point). the last time i bought new tennis shoes was because my other pair literally fell off my feet. i only recently started taking fucking aspirin.

it's all so unreasonable. i'll buy a steak dinner at a restaurant, but i can't bring myself to drop $30 on a coat in the dead of winter in the midwest? come on.

yet i just can't and this guy understands exactly why. it's nice to have a relief from the burdens i didn't even know i was carrying. 

perhaps i could even begin operation: winter coat. 
supernatural [team free will]


quick notes:
  • ink_maid: i'm so, so sorry i'm late! i'm the worst person ever, i know. i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
  • nimueailinen: you're a fucking ROCK STAR for putting this mess together. i couldn't even imagine the hassle you went through to organize this - or, at least i don't think i'd go through it voluntarily and, once again, i'm sorry this is late.
  •  after the realization i was have no awesome talents, i decided to download photoshop and give making graphics a try. i hope this this okay with you, julia. <3
  • this is basically a tessa the reaper picspam. kind of. like a mini one?
  • (doing the santa hat in the first picture TOOK FOREVER, I CAN'T EVEN.)
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Poll #1606632 the important things in life

if your favorite character/person your panties dissolve upon even /glancing/ at propositioned you, would you absolutely sleep with them, significant other (yours or theirs) or not?

i'd ride 'em like a fucking pony baby

what if they had a curable STD?

i am conflicted, but yeah, i think i'd still tap dat

what about an uncurable STD

i am conflicted, but yeah, i think i'd still tap dat
supernatural [team free will]




first of all to understand all of this you must realize three things. one, that bumblee  and I are the two greatest people in the universe. in fact, here, i’ll gave you a second to bask in our glory—okay—still basking—keep going guys—it’s worth it—can you feel the burn?—okay, anyway, we’re awesome. the second thing  is that dean, ahmnomnom , is awesome as well (though not AS awesome as we are, but--let’s face it--who is?) but also quite gullible and paranoid. three, the three of us in the same crack community was bound to to ugly at one point. this, i believe, was the point.

drop hints to ahmnomnom that something ominous might happen to her character, dean, in the next CASH post. sit back, relax, and watch as her paranoia builds to truly inspiring heights. stir occasionally with love-tinged cruelty.

bumblee: CASTIEL
aplethora: ASH
ahmnomnom : DEAN
featuring a brief, but beautiful appearence by:
nbaeker: LUCIFER

THE TIMEFRAME: tuesday-sunday, but the majority was friday and saturday.

all of the conversation you see takes place on skype, but the events were spread out over spn_treehouse, twitter, and the origin of all events is chatzy.

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in second conclusion, none of this happened on purpose. it started out innocently, but escalated into something spectacular, harvesting more of the lulz (at least for here4castiel and i) than it probably should have. ahmnomnom , I LOVE YOU OKAY? I LOVE YOU AND DON'T EVER CHANGE AND AFTER THIS WE'RE GOING TO SHOWER YOU WITH PRESENTS, LOVE, COOKIES, AND SO MUCH FREE PORN YOUR HEAD'S GONNA SPIN. REMEMBER: WE TEASE BECAUSE WE LOVE.

ETA: i forgot to mention how much bumblee  helped me make this. :( she helped format the skype conversation, made the picture, helped me keep the timeline straight, read through it for me, and did basic hand-holding stuff almost all evening. thanks bb <333 CASH FOREVER OKAY? THAT AND THE ACTUAL POST WE MADE ON TREEHOUSE IS HERE. IT'S PRETTY GOOD AND POSSIBLY DAMAGING EXCEPT NOT BECAUSE CASH IS TOO ADORABLE TOGETHER TO FULLY CRINGE AT IN ITSELF